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Plano Leaders and Community Members 

Plano Firefighters Association 


Former Mayor & State Senator Florence Shapiro 

Former Mayor Pat Evans 

Former Mayor Phil Dyer 

Plano Firefighters
Texas Realtors
Former Plano City Council member David Downs 

“I’d like to take a moment and speak to something very important to me and extraordinarily important to our City. I cannot advocate strongly enough for Julie Holmer for City Council Pl, 7.

I've never met anyone with a bigger heart for this City and a desire to improve the lives of every citizen in it.


She's worked tirelessly...TIRELESSLY...on many campaigns including mine. She's engaged in more ways than I can count and is interested in all aspects of what makes our city great, not the sound bite issue of the day, week or month.I'll admit I do not know her opponent beyond the fact he has ZERO experience volunteering or being actively involved in the City.


Unfortunately, Julie has been inappropriately maligned and labeled by those who wish to turn our service-oriented non-partisan City elections into a partisan slugfest. She doesn't need to turn to outsiders to build a reputation, instead, she can turn to the thousands of individuals in this City she has inspired, supported, and debated with an open mind.She has the endorsement of the Texas Realtors Association and the Plano Firefighters Association and a LONG list of the many servant leaders who came before her and helped make this City the great place it is today.


Please, please take a few moments out of your day next week, swing by a nearby voting center, and cast your vote for Julie Holmer. If you knew her the way I do, you'd feel better about the future of the city the moment you submitted your ballot....I know I will.


Please feel free to share this on your page or with your friends."​ David Downs 

Angela and Pat Miner 
Former City Council Members 

“Julie is Plano proud through her community service on many nonprofit and committee boards, while also graduating from Leadership Plano, as well as the Citizens Police and Fire Academies.


Her extensive community service

and small business owner perspective proves she is a qualified candidate for Plano City Council.- Place 7.

Please Join us in supporting her campaign.” Angela & Pat Miner

Rick Grady Plano City Council, Pl. 3

“Over my lifetime I worked with and sat on many corporate boards. When we hired an agency to find us another director, we required them to seek the brightest and smartest individual who knew our industry.


The list of qualifications was specific but could be summed up in one thing. This was not a position for an amateur. There was no time to teach someone who knew nothing what they didn’t know. The position was not entry level because this “train” doesn’t stop. As it races through the station the person needs to grab the handrail and swing on board without causing the train to loose speed.

As I have often used education as an example, the City Council is the doctorate level, boards and commissions are the master’s level, and working in the community with non-profits learning and serving the needs of our citizens is the undergraduate level.

The voters are now the “hiring agency.” There are only two candidates who have completed both the “Baccalaureate and Masters level work.”


I urge you to select Kayci Prince and Julie Holmer as the next City Council members.”—Rick Grady 


Honorable Florence Shapiro

Former Mayor of Plano and Texas State Senator


Honorable Pat Evans

Former Mayor of Plano


Honorable Phil Dyer

Former Mayor of Plano


Rick Grady

Current Plano Council Member


Jean Callison

Former Plano Council Member


Andre Davidson

Former Plano Council Member


David Downs

Former Plano Council Member


Pat Gallagher

Former Plano Council Member


Angela Miner

Former Plano Council Member


Pat Miner

Former Plano Council Member


Phyllis Cole

Former Collin County Commissioner


Missy Bender

Former PISD Trustee


Carrolyn Moebius

Former PISD Trustee


Amy Fortenberry

Ret. Plano Parks & Rec Director


Jim Parish

Ret. Dep City Manager


LaShon Ross

Ret. Dep City Manager


Frank Turner

Ret. Dep City Manager


Dr. M. Tariq

President AUPAC


Jennifer Abernathy

Paul Agruso

Saadia Ahmed

Homa Ahmed

Zulfi Ahmed

Sara Akers

Doug Allgood

Jeanine Alpert

Lisa Alvarez

Rosalyn Asplund

Jeff Beckley

Denny Beran

Ann & Brad Boles

Kelly Boone

Gerald Brooks

Marilyn Brooks

Heather Broughton

Jean & Steve Brown

Ron Bultongez

Lorie Burch

Glenn Callison

Tom Cao

Kris Campanaro

Warren & Audre Casteel

Jesse Casto

Juliette Collin

Mimi Conner

John & DJ Crossley

Laura Dapkus

Melissa Derks

Wendy Dorsey

Janet Dowell

Chris Downs​

Margaret Dyer

Patricia Elliott

Mike Emmons

David Evans

Meryl & Paul Evans

Kyle & Wendy Faegre

David Faidley

Kelly Ferguson

Craig Feronti

Brayden Fisch

Lesa Frawley

Fred and Sharon Frawley

Becky Fuller

Colleen Galles

Morris Garcia

Mike & Lisa Gill

Fern Gimenez

Curtis Gittinger

Amanda & Bill Glass

Jenny Goddard

Katherine Goodwin

Ryan Goodwyn

Neil Gould

Ann Grannan

Carole Greisdorf

Dominique Guerin

Jared Hagood

Tony Han

Mollie & John Hancock

Terri Hartsell

Melanie Hill Anderson

Courtney Hitt

Rich & Francille Holmer

Eileen Horany

Bill Howard

Sakina Hussain

Judy Jackson

Marshall Jackson

Mitchell Jackson

Mary Jacobs

Laura & Alex Johnson

Hava Johnston

Laura Jones

Suzy Jones

Laura Jones

Kimberly Kantor

Shannen Kelley

Dave and Mary Beth King

Cynthia King-Ryne

Hilton & Laurie Kong

Kaci Lahpor

Steve Lavine

Claudia Loffler

Debra Lynn

Margie Lynch

Glenn & Stephanie Malicki

Lawrence Mann

Diane Marshall

Jill Martinez

Amanda Massengale

Jeremy Matthews

Jim McDade

Leslie McKinney

Eralyn McLarty

Dana Miller

Vinny Minchillo

Shannon Modlin

Kelly Cole Moreno

Diane Mueller

Brittney & Tanner Muns

Jenna Muns

Krishna & Kalpana Murthy

Amy Nelson

Gavin Nicholson

Prakash Parameswaran

Vickie Parker

Craig Perry

Roy W Peyton

Mark Phariss

Susan Plonka

Cara Prentice

Jeff & Cathy Quiggle

Deborah Ramsey

David Rankin

Bobby & Phyllis Ray

Mary Reder

Andrew Reitz

Judy Reitz

Laura Retta

Molly Rhodes

Joseph Rhodes

Catherine & Scott Riggle

Darrell Rodenbaugh

Carlos Rodriguez-Cruz y Celis

Scott Saige

H. Shaheen Salam

Isabel A Segovia

Krithika Shankar

Gary Sharpsteen

Jennifer & Luke Shertzer

Andrew Smith

Jennifer Snailum

Michelle Solis

Christine Sorenson

John & Julia Stafford

Jenni & Jeff Steele

Jan & Ean Sullivan

Kara Sutton

Jerry Teffeteller

James Thomas

Michael Thomas

Owen Urech

Tom Venner

Karen Voelker

Vincent Vullo

Carrie Weaver

Beth Webb

Ken Wesley

Christopher Wilson

Taylor Wilson

James Wilson

Kathy Wilson

Wendy Wittenbrook

Michelle Wright

Lynn Wolfe-Gienger

Sreedhar Yedavalli

Plano Firefighters

PLANO FIREFIGHTERS. PROUDLY ENDORSE. KAYCI PRINCE. AND. JULIE HOLMER. IN THE JUNE 5TH RUNOFF. PLEASE SUPPORT PLANO FIREFIGHTERS. VOTE HOLMER & PRINCE. KAYCI PRINCE. Plano City Council, Place 4. JULIE HOLMER. Plano City Council, Place 7. In our line of work, seconds can separate life and death. We cannot afford to be slowed down by traffic.

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