Early Voting  May  24- 29 & June 1st
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“She is smart, informed and educated in the facts about our city, is a consensus builder and has repeatedly demonstrated care and concern for all citizens of Plano through her activities.


She has a servant’s heart, as well as the integrity and intelligence to be a true asset to our community. “

-Margaret Dyer (Wife of former Mayor)

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Keep Plano Strong

If elected my top priority would be to Keep Plano Strong. We need to make sure that we continue to invest in Plano's infrastructure, which includes maintaining our roads, parks, trails, and facilities. To keep Plano Strong we also have to keep Plano safe. Funding for our first responders is and must stay a top priority. To keep Plano Strong we have to keep Plano's culture thriving. We need to continue to be a professionally managed city that invests in our arts, our education, and into making Plano an inclusive city for all. 


We need to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that covid is eradicated as soon as possible. This means that we need to stay in complete compliance with the CDC. We need to expedite the roll out of the vaccines so that every person can be protected. Clear communication across the city showing when and where people can get the vaccine is critical. It is also important to recognize that, while cases are decreasing, testing still needs to be readily available. 


One of my top priorities is making sure that the Collin Creek Mall redevelopment project continues to move along smoothly and that we, as a city, are not placing any unnecessary obstacles in the way of making that project come to fruition in a timely manner. I am firmly pro-business and I see the Collin Creek Mall development as a huge opportunity to bring jobs and opportunities into Plano. This project will also help to revitalize our downtown Plano Arts District as well as the east side of Plano.

Smart Development

We have very little land left to develop here in Plano. We need to make sure that all developments are strategic and shaped by input from all members of our community. Any additional multifamily housing needs to be incorporated into mixed used development to allow walkability and reduce traffic impact. 


Plano will continue to grow and age and we need to make sure that our transportation keeps up. To ensure Plano's longevity we need to ensure that people settle near our transportation hubs. We should expand our public transportation, whether that means improving our DART access or including people movers to the college and business hubs. Plano is a wonderful city and we must strategically think of how people move in, out, and around.

Julie Holmer

Endorsements by Community

 Members and Plano Leaders 

Julie’s lived here 40 years, Leadership Plano, Fire & Police Academies, owner of Angela’s @ the Cross- walk restaurant (great one we all miss!) down town; has been on boards, planning committees, active in almost every non- profit in town. Pro- Plano & Bipartisan. We are proud to recommend her.


Angela and Pat Miner 

Former City Council Members